What to Expect

Your First Visit with Beauty Within

Your First Visit with Beauty Within

It all starts with a consultation - a collaborative discussion regarding your cosmetic concerns and the range of treatments available to address them. Your first visit (the Consultation) will be approximately one hour in length. After this, visit duration will depend on the chosen treatment(s) to be performed.
*Note: Same day treatment with Botox Cosmetic® is possible at the first visit. Other treatments may be scheduled for a future date following consultation.

Our intake forms are comprehensive and detailed. A complete review of your health history, medication history and treatment history is required to determine if a treatment is right for you. Although non-surgical, these treatments are still considered medical procedures.

Your treatment goals will be discussed collaboratively. We encourage the use of adjectives or feelings to describe your concerns or goals, rather than focussing on the tiny details. For example: Would you like to look less tired? Angry? Sad? Saggy? Or would you like to look more youthful? Attractive? Slimmer?

A comprehensive facial assessment will be completed by Dr. Tetelbaum and one of her Registered Nurses. During the assessment, your face will be observed upon animation and upon rest. Photos are taken for assessment and documentation purposes. Your confidentiality is protected as these become a part of your medical record.

Potential recommendations may include injections (Botox Cosmetic®, Juvederm®, Belkyra® - or a combination of these), medical grade skincare options tailored to your presenting skin concerns, referrals to other services if required, and/or limitations on what is possible using nonsurgical means. An individualized and detailed quote is provided.

An informed consent is required before proceeding with any treatment(s). Potential risks and side effects of the recommended treatments will be reviewed, as well as the option of not having these treatments. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish. Our lines of communication are always open and a follow up appointment is highly encouraged following treatment. Post-treatment instructions will be discussed at every visit and can also be found here.

The Goal

Creating harmony and balance is the key to a natural looking result. It is important to maintain or achieve proper proportions. Sometimes addressing one area alone (such as the lips) may not lead to the optimal outcome. Other areas may also have to be addressed in order to maintain balance - and to avoid looking unnatural! For this reason, your treatment plan will include a variety of treatment options that Dr. Tetelbaum feels may benefit you or address your concerns.

Realistic expectations are key - the goal is improvement, not perfection. Each person will have a different treatment plan and a unique result. Our goal is to help you find or enhance the beauty you already have - the Beauty Within.

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