Brilliant Distinctions® Loyalty Program

Beauty Within is pleased to offer the Brilliant Distinctions® rewards program.

As a member of this loyalty program, you will be able to earn points by purchasing select Allergan products such as Botox® Juvederm®, Belkyra™ and Latisse®. The points you earn will allow you to save money on future purchases.

How Do I Register?

You can sign up for the program on your own by visiting

Alternatively, you can sign up during your visit to Beauty Within, so that you can immediately begin earning points.

There is also a Brilliant Distinctions® app, which you can download to your smartphone, allowing you to easily track your points.

The program is free to join! Earn rewards points, save money. It’s that simple!

How Do I Begin Earning Points?

Once you are registered for the program, you are eligible to start earning points. If you have an appointment and receive Botox®, Juvederm®, Belkyra™ or Latisse®, simply let us know that you are a Brilliant Distinctions® member and we will record your treatment in the Brilliant Distinctions® database. Your points should be added to your account within 24 to 48 hours of purchase.

How Do I Redeem My Points For Savings?

If you login to the Brilliant Distinctions® website and select the Redeem Points section, you will be able to access your points balance. You will also be to generate a coupon with a code, which you can present at our clinic.

Coupons feature an expiry date, so you will be required to use it within a specified number of days after generating it. In order to make sure your coupon is not unnecessarily voided, you may wish to wait until the day of your appointment before creating your coupon or to check the fine print for the expiry date.

Different Allergan products and services come with different point accumulations, and can change (with promotions, etc). These are then translated into dollar-value credits that you can use towards future eligible purchases).

A very general guideline for calculating the value of points is as follows:

  • 100 Points = $10
  • 200 Points = $20
  • 300 Points = $30
  • 400 Points = $40
  • 500 Points = $50
  • 600 Points = $60
  • 700 Points = $70
  • 800 Points = $80
  • 1000 Points = $100

Examples of points earnings can be:

  • Botox® injections – 100 to 300 points (depending on the number of treatment areas), maxed at 4 treatments per year.
  • Juvederm® injections – 200 points (per each full syringe), maxed at 10 per year.
  • Belkyra™ injections – 400 points (per treatment, once per month) maxed at 6 sessions total.
  • Latisse® – 150 points (5mL bottle), with no maximum.

Please note: This rewards program does not belong to our clinic and is not operated by our clinic.

For more information or to register for the Brilliant Distinctions loyalty program, click here.

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