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For swollen legs

At Synergy Centre we offer our patients SIGVARIS – the Global Leaders in Graduated Medical Compression Stockings. SIGVARIS compression stockings are attractive, comfortable and available in a variety of colours, styles and degrees of pressure.

Patients at risk of vein disease or varicose veins and who would benefit from compression stockings are: Pregnancy, heredity, sitting or standing for long periods of time – long distance travel, obesity, trauma, athletic activity and recovery. Making life easier has always been the ultimate aim of compression stockings.

Compression therapy is often the first approach utilized to relieve symptoms related to varicose veins particularly when legs are swollen. Elastic stockings with graduated compression prevent superficial leg veins from pooling with blood and help veins and leg muscles move blood back to the heart more efficiently.

At Synergy Centre we understand that your consult is a private time therefore we provide a one on one assessment and answer any questions that you may have. Our trained medical staff will help guide you through the process of sizing, donning and doffing, and cleaning of your compression stockings.

For further information to discuss compression therapy please contact Dr. Maria Tetelbaum at 519-266-3600 for your complimentary consult.


One of 2 adults over the age of 30 needs compression stockings. Most drug plans cover an average of two pairs of stockings per year.

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SIGVARIS MEDICAL – a stylish collection designed to ensure fit and accurate compression for various lifestyles with greater wearing comfort.

SIGVARIS WELL BEING – This “new generation” collection of fashionable compression stockings is designed for prevention of mild to moderate symptoms and providing relief of tired, aching legs and swollen feet and ankles.

SIGVARIS SPORTS – For performance and recovery. SIGVARIS has an entire line of sports products for athletic activity and recovery.

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