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Facial Aging …The 3”D”s of the Aging Process

Facial aging is associated with gradual thinning of the skin and overall loss of elasticity over time. As you age, your body’s rate of cell renewal slows down. Skin naturally loses structure and volume over time as dermal collagen, hyaloronic acid (HA) and elastin gradually diminish. Environmental factors such as sun, wind, pollution and other factors such as smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep along with hormonal changes (menopause) can accelerate the “aging process” resulting in facial lines and wrinkles.

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Loss of facial volume.

The process of deflation can be thought of in terms of what happens to a grape as it turns into a raisin. The skin is an envelope that is left with a gradually shrinking support base as the fat, muscle and bone all decrease in volume. While all of our facial structures are affected by atrophy or shrinking as we age, volume loss occurs mostly in the subcutaneous fat compartments and to a lesser extent in the bone, muscle and skin layers.


Sagging of the facial tissues.

Over time the collagen in the skin and subcutaneous tissues decreases in quantity and quality. The elastin deteriorates and the retaining ligaments that attach the facial soft tissues to bony prominences of the face are weakened and less able to hold up the skin and fat compartments. Under the influence of gravity, the soft tissues gradually sag to create characteristic features of aging.


Skin texture and color changes of skin cover.

Skin aging changes that occur in the skin can have an affect on the texture ( dry, less elasticity, thinner skin) and color (aging spots, discoloration, irregular pigmentation). The visible signs of skin deterioration are unmistakable and people will significantly impact how old or young we look.


The classic hallmark of facial aging.

Wrinkling is due to multiple causes as we age. The skin can be thought of as an envelope that contains fat, is constantly pulled upon by the muscles of facial expression and the whole system is supported by a foundation of bone. As we age the skin becomes thinner, weaker and less elastic. The fat layer looses volume, the muscles atrophy and the bone foundation resorbs. Furthermore, the system is continuously acted upon by static forces (gravity) and dynamic forces (muscles of facial expression).

Types of Wrinkles

Static Wrinkles

Any wrinkles or creases that are visible even when your face is absolutely neutral and at rest are considered static. Static wrinkles are defined as being fine, coarse or folds and grooves which may be effectively treated with something that replaces lost volume and suppleness, such as injectable fillers. • Fine Wrinkles ~ Thin lines are generally due to intrinsic aging and the repeated activity of the muscles of facial expression acting on aging skin. Tend to occur where the muscles of facial expression act to cause dynamic lines. Extrinsic aging factors can markedly accelerate the onset and severity of fine wrinkles. A customized skin care regimen can help, but make sure it features products containing beneficial ingredients, such as Retin A, peptides, vitamins and antioxidants along with a restoring moisturizer containing vitamins). • Coarse Wrinkles ~ Broad, deep lines that tend to be associated with severe skin aging due to extrinsic aging: sunlight (also known as photoaging )and smoking. Coarse wrinkles can develop anywhere on the face but are usually located over the cheeks, forehead and neck regions. • Folds & Grooves - Folds and grooves are deep prominences and depressions in the facial landscape. They are primarily caused by the descent of tissue due to gravity in combination with deflation or volume loss under the skin. In some locations such as the nasolabial and marionette folds and grooves are also influence by repeated muscle activity.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Now that you’re older, you’ll probably notice that the wrinkles that only appeared when you formed an expression (smiling, surprise, frowning, squinting, laughing) are now permanent. This is a natural part of the aging process, as your skin can no longer bounce back from the repeated creasing caused by muscle contractions. These creases in your skin, resulting from the contractions of your muscles, are known as dynamic wrinkles.

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