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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are among the most potent available the medical aesthetic industry for facial rejuvenation, hair restoration and also sports medicine. The concentrated platelet-rich plasma delivers a unique blend of wound healing and growth factor platelets that rejuvenates your skin by minimizing fine lines and restoring lost volume. PRP treatment is well tolerated by most individuals, even those who are sensitive to other injectables, as PRP uses the patient’s own blood platelets.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Synergy Centre


When using plasma enriched with platelets from your own blood the growth factors contained in platelets promote faster healing and stimulate the production of new collagen. As the platelets come from your own blood, related benefits include:

  • No risk of immune or disease transmission
  • Natural, safe, and very well-tolerated

The skin conditions that PRP helps improve include wrinkles and fine lines, lost volume in the cheeks, and acne scarring. Many people these days are asking “how to restore collagen to the face?” and we believe PRP is one of the absolute best ways to do this.


PRP stimulates a controlled inflammatory response to produce new collagen and tighten the skin. PRP can be used for facial rejuvenation as an injectable or in combination with the MicroPen® Elite to deliver the growth factors to the dermis of the skin. When dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM®, are combined with PRP therapy it will enhance the overall appearance and rejuvenation of the face.


PRP treatment takes less than 1 hour. A numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment as a comfort measure. Our in clinic nurse will take a few vials of your blood, and after a unique and sterile spin and separation session, will reintroduce the PRP into the desired treatment area.

The area may be swollen and tender immediately following the treatment. Bruising is a possibility.



Hair loss can be very disappointing for both men and women leading to a decrease in self confidence. Hair loss in women is often overlooked as it is diffuse, leading to thinning of hair over most of the female scalp. This diffuse thinning of hair occurs in many women with the natural aging process. However, both men and women can now have thicker, healthier hair with platelet rich plasma derived from their own blood.

With many people searching for a hair loss cure and for ways to stimulate hair growth, Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has emerged as a simple non-surgical option to treat hair loss, especially in the early stages before one has literally become bald. For complete baldness, a hair transplant or hair piece is the most effective option. However, for everyone else, PRP can stop the hair loss and stimulate more hair growth, with new hair shafts as well as thicker hair.


  • Non surgical improvement in hair loss
  • No downtime
  • Virtually risk free
  • A non-invasive method of hair regrowth


PRP is extracted from the patient’s own blood – there is virtually no risk of any allergic reactions or side effects. Medical research has discovered seven growth factors contained in platelets that are thought to help stimulate hair growth, and there are likely many more factors to be identified that rejuvenate the scalp tissues.

Additionally, PRP extraction techniques have improved recently, leading to higher numbers of quality viable platelets. All PRP techniques are not the same or equivalent. It is especially useful to combat thinning hair before it becomes complete baldness.

Your blood contains the platelets, growth factors, and certain white blood cells that will be concentrated by us to inject into your scalp. We use very tiny needles, and most patients do not even ask for any local anaesthetic. Your own platelets and growth factors are injected 3 mm deep into your scalp with several injections depending on your hair loss pattern. The entire process will take about 30-40 minutes. The PRP will stimulate inactive hair follicles to enter the active growth phase.

We recommend avoiding Aspirin (ASA) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDS) prior to treatment and for one week post treatment as these drugs interfere with platelet function.

RECOMMENDED SESSIONS - The PRP hair restoration protocol is three treatments at monthly intervals. Then assess hair growth. One can do more monthly sessions as desired, but most people will repeat the treatments at 6-12 month intervals. Theoretically, depending on results, there is no problem performing as many PRP scalp sessions at monthly intervals as desired.


  • Resume normal activities immediately post treatment
  • You may use any hair supplement or oral treatment for hair loss that you desire


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a new and innovative treatment that is being used as regenerative medicine for common orthopaedic conditions. Your blood contains mainly a liquid called plasma along with small solid components such as red cells, white cells, and platelets. The platelets are beneficial in terms of healing because it contains hundreds of proteins called growth factors. Growth factors are chemicals that signal to your body to initiate the healing process. By injecting the platelet-rich plasma into the areas of the injury, the goal is to stimulate and optimize the ability of your body to heal chronic orthopaedic conditions.

What conditions can be treated with PRP?

Chronic Tendon Injuries - PRP has been shown to be most effective in the treatment of chronic tendon injuries, such as tennis elbow, chronic Achilles tendonitis, or jumper’s knee.

Knee arthritis - Some initial research has shown that PRP may be beneficial to treat knee arthritis.

Fractures - PRP can help to speed the healing of broken bones.

Acute Ligament and Muscle Injuries - PRP has been used to treat professional athletes with common sports injuries such as ligament and muscle injuries.

To learn about Platelet Rich Plasma [ PRP ] treatment and to discover if you are a good candidate please request your complimentary consultation by using the online form, email us at [email protected] or call at 519-266-3642.

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