Pillow Talk...for Beautiful Skin

Make The Right Bedtime Choices

We answer a lot of questions about what people can do to keep their complexion looking radiant. A healthy diet, proper hydration, and the use of appropriate sun screen and moisturizing products are all examples of ways to care for your skin on a day to day basis – but what happens after the sun goes down?

These very common bedroom activities can contribute directly to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. To protect the “skin you sleep in”, make sure to do the following each and every night:

Take It Off – Take It All Off!

washing skin

Just to be clear – we’re talking about your makeup. Cosmetics were never meant to be slept in. Sleeping in makeup can lead to seriously clogged pores and breakouts. Your eyes and lips are particularly vulnerable to damage when you fail to take your makeup off. Dry, red, irritated and puffy eyes have been caused by prolonged cosmetic wear; broken eyelashes are extremely common. As for your lips, the drying qualities of many lipsticks and glosses can contribute to cracks, splits, and changes in the look of your smile. To keep your lips kissable, make sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser before going to bed at night.

Our esthetic team can help you pick the best products for your skin type or condition with our Vivierskin® medical grade skin care products, facials and peels.

Be Strategic About Bedtime Snacks

The urge to have a little nibble at nighttime is a challenge many of us face. So here you are, woken up in the middle of the night by your growling stomach. What do you eat? If you want to avoid looking older, you’ll skip the sugary snacks. Researchers have found that eating foods with high glycemic index can actually make you look older. Sugar molecules can attach to the proteins in your skin, weighing them down and causing your skin to sag, forming fine lines and wrinkles. Reach for healthy, low-sugar snacks instead. As an added bonus, saying no to midnight candy is good for your dental health too!

Rest on your Back is Best

Everyone has to sleep but side and stomach sleepers beware! Snoozing with your face pressed directly into your pillow squishes your face into strange contours, which can accelerate the formation of folds and creases in the facial skin. Areas that are particularly vulnerable are around your nose and mouth. If you want to avoid “parenthesis lines” or “marionette lines” forming, make sure you sleep with your head strategically positioned with the lower half of your face away from the pillow.

Never fear...dermal fillers are here. These injectable treatments such as Juvederm®Voluma or Juvederm®Volift address creases and facial volume loss. Your skin will look rejuvenated with stunning and natural-looking results.

Too much Facebook and Pinterest before REST

We love our smartphones and Ipads. On those nights when sleep is elusive, spending an hour or two – or three – scrolling through images on Pinterest and Instagram is harmless fun, right? Well, there is one drawback: holding your head at the right angle to read your device for a prolonged period of time causes a repeated squishing of the neck, creating premature folds and wrinkles. Known as “tech neck” even people in their 20s are showing signs of premature wrinkles due to the way they hold their necks to look at phones. Sleep experts recommend at least an hour of screen-free time prior to bedtime for the best possible sleep. In addition, make sure to moisturize your neck daily and use sunscreen to protect this tender (and sometimes neglected) skin!

If you haven’t been avoiding these nighttime no-nos and it’s resulted in wrinkles, don’t worry! Synergy Centre - Beauty Within offers treatments to reverse the signs of aging and hide those unwanted wrinkles including Botox®Cosmetic and fillers such as Juvederm®Voluma, Volift and Volbella.

Dr. Maria Tetelbaum offers a complimentary one on one consultation to address your specific concerns and discuss anti againg treatment recommendations customized specifically for you.

You’ve waited...now its time. Allow us to help you look as young as you feel.

Begin your journey today.

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