Enhancing Your Lips: Lip Fillers or Lip Augmentation

lip fillers

Your lips are as unique as your face. Lip shape and volume play an important role in overall facial aesthetics. Today, full, sensual lips are considered the aesthetic ideal, hence the popularity of lip augmentation procedures. But even if you have naturally full lips now, they will change as you age – making it a concern for most women at some point in their lives.

When we’re young, our lips are full, edges are crisp and only the tiniest lines are evident when we smile or frown. As we age, our lips tend to get thinner, the edges soften and permanent vertical lines are set.

Lip augmentation (aka, lip enhancement) procedures are very popular and are designed to highlight original lip features or to improve the shape, the volume and the hydration of the lips. The vertical lines that appear on the skin around the lips can also be erased without changing the lip volume.

Not only lip proportions have to be taken into consideration but parts of the lips themselves have to be in balance to achieve the best look. Of course, the experience of the Physician injecting the lip filler is the most important factor!

lip fillers

Injectable dermal fillers for lip augmentation

Hyaluronic acid fillers are commonly used to enhance the lips and surrounding skin. These products are injected with precision and the results look very natural — providing instant volume and contour to lips that lasts for several months. Because the effects are temporary, lip fillers are often used for special occasions — such as weddings or other important life events — or for experimenting with a new look.

Specific brands of hyaluronic fillers [such as Juvederm® Volbella ] have specific uses in lip enhancement. Some lip fillers will bring more volume to your lips, enhancing them for a sensual youthful appearance. Other lip fillers have a softer affect, improving your lips’ shape and easing dryness with less volume.

At Synergy Centre - Beauty Within, Dr. Maria Tetelbaum will select the correct lip filler to achieve your goals and to prevent lumps and irregularities. The procedure is done right in the office and all treatments are performed by Dr. Tetelbaum - each and every time. The lip filler will be injected just under your skin with needles or blunt cannulas, and usually, takes 30 minutes.

Swelling and minor bruising are common after lip injections. Icing the areas help speed up the recovery and help improve any further discomfort. Your results are immediate and typically last about 6 - 9 months.

Is it time for lip augmentation?

Dr. Maria Tetelbaum has been trained in specialized injection techniques and believes that every patient should look youthful and attractive at any age. Offering a variety of wrinkle reducing and rejuvenating facial filler treatments, we welcome you to begin your journey to a more refreshed you.

Contact Synergy Centre Beauty Within to schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 519-266-3600 or email [email protected].

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