Emotional Beauty…A Revolutionary New Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

Doing what we want to do to look and feel our best is our thing. It’s just one aspect of life that makes us happy. Today however we are intrigued by this new and revolutionary approach to facial rejuvenation, the MD Codes now offered by Dr. Maria Tetelbaum in her practice.

About MD Codes…

"The MD Codes" is a revolutionary step-by-step approach to treating patients with Botox and Juvederm Fillers. They were created by plastic surgeon, world-renowned injector and international speaker, Dr. Mauricio De Maio of Brazil. In today’s modern world of medical aesthetics, Dr. De Maio’s concept truly changes everything on how facial fillers are injected.

Understanding Emotional Beauty

Since everyone’s face and motivation for treatment are unique, the treatment approach should be adjusted to each person’s needs and emotional desires. We are looking at the full picture and helping our patients focus on how they want to feel from treatment versus focusing on bothersome lines and folds in isolation. Taking this approach leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Based on a deeper understanding of facial anatomy, MD Codes outlines a series of injection points that address the cause and not just the symptoms of facial aging - starting with build up the “foundation” to achieve the lift and support followed by “contour” and finishing with “refinement” for each anatomical and functional unit and subunit of the face.

What are the Emotional Attributes?

The Emotional Attributes of the MD Codes are a set of eight emotions that reflect what most of us feel as we become witness to the unwelcoming signs of ageing on our faces. Patients often arrive at the consult appointment and begin to point out the emotional feelings that they wish to change on their appearance… The Negative Emotional Attributes are: wanting to look less Tired , less Saggy, less Angry and less Sad. The Positive Emotional Attributes: are wishing to look younger, more attractive, slimmer and more feminine.

These Emotional Attributes are essential to better understand our patient’s feelings and desires that go beyond correcting lines and wrinkles. Only addressing these emotional attributes with the correct and precise technique will lead to great results and patient satisfaction.

For example the tired and sad appearance can be created by low eyebrows, sunken temples, bags under the eyes and saggy cheeks. The MD codes specifically recommends precise filler injection points and addresses to: Lift the brows, correct the temple, restore cheek fullness and diminish unwanted under eye sags with different fillers designed specifically for each area.

"The motivation behind emotional beauty is addressing what exactly bothers you... and what you are hoping to achieve.
This is the secret to unlocking your “personal" code."

Integrating the Emotional Attributes of the MD Codes into the initial consultation is definitively a shift in the medical aesthetic field. By using this approach, we ensure that by the end of the treatment sessions the patients appearance is more aligned with how they wanted to feel about themselves when they decided to embark on this rejuvenating journey, delivering effective and beautiful natural-looking results.

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