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Cosmetic Mole Removal

What Is A Mole?

A mole is a collection of skin growths composed of pigment-producing skin cells. They are most common on sun-exposed areas of the body such as the arms, back, legs, and face. Some patients have them from birth or shortly after being born, similar to a birthmark. Other patients have seen their moles develop over time, sometimes growing larger and becoming raised above the skin surface. These moles are known as compound nevus. The primary cause of moles is sunlight and genes.

In certain cases, moles become darker or irregular and require assessment, and frequently excisional biopsy to ensure they do not represent a dysplastic nevus or a melanoma. Rarely, a mole will become abnormal, or ‘dysplastic’. A few of those may even become cancerous in the form of a melanoma.

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What to be aware of ?

Always remember the ABCD’s of melanoma

  • A for asymmetry
  • B for irregular border
  • C for different colours
  • D for a diameter of 6mm or larger)

Why Would I Need To Get Mole Removal?

There are many reasons why patients seek out to remove their unwanted moles. For the vast majority, it’s because the presence of their moles does not make them feel confident in their appearance. For these patients, removing a mole can make a huge difference in the way they look and feel. If you have a single mole or multiple moles that you would like to potentially remove, there are a number of options available to you.

For others it is the concern of melanoma. However the the first step in the mole removal process is your consultation with Dr. Maria Tetelbaum so that you can address your skin health concerns or aesthetic goals. During this time Dr. Tetelbaum will closely examine the skin. Having undertaken appropriate training in dermascopy, Dr. Tetelbaum uses a specialized microscope to aid in the diagnosis of skin lesions. With the scare of cancers so evident in today's society, this scope makes it easier to diagnose melanoma and a variety of skin lesions.

Treatment for Mole Removal

Laser – This method of mole removal is usually used for flat moles that are brown or black in color.

Excision – This method of mole removal includes excising the mole for complete and permanent removal. This procedure is typically used on raised moles.

Electocautery -This method of mole removal is usually used to remove skin tags. This procedure uses heat to burn the mole off and reaches only the superficial layers of the skin, so scarring is not a problem.

Should you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maria Tetelbum we invite you to contact our main reception 519-266-3600 or email [email protected]

We look forward to working with you in maintaining good skin health.

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