You are worth it!

by Dr. Maria Tetelbaum

One day I woke up and looked in the mirror in dismay. There were noticeable dark, baggy circles under my eyes, and my cheeks were shifting to saggy jowls. Where had the time gone? I did not like that I looked tired and sad - not a single bit! The idea of aging scared me, and looking old was making me feel old. Has that ever happened to you? Some people experience this feeling at 40, when they suddenly need reading glasses, others at 50, and some unlucky ones much earlier. Caught in this busy life of work, family schedules, community involvement and social commitments, we sometimes neglect ourselves. There is no time left to spend on ourselves.

I grew up in a poorer Eastern European country (Romania), during Communism. We did not have many skin care products, nor were we educated to take care of our skin. I did what my mama told me and washed my face with soap and water, and brushed my teeth in the morning and evening. Beautiful skin was the result of luck or good genes, although Eleanor Roosevelt described it better when she said, “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, beautiful older people are works of art.”By the time I was past 40, my mom told me, “Everything starts to fall apart…” Was that true? How could I fight back aging?”

I had heard of Botox and cosmetic fillers but never considered using them. Whether vanity or fear, I had decided they were not for me! Instead I tried creams, getting into a better skin care regime each day. Taking just 5 minutes twice a day felt like a luxury! My skin looked better but the puffy eyes and stubborn frown lines stayed with me.

A friend asked me, “Why don’t you try Botox?” I emphatically shook my head. “No thank you! Not for me,” I said. I had visions of looking frozen or ridiculous - like a tabloid celebrity story. I expressed my concern to which she replied, “Do I look ridiculous?” She looked beautiful - she always had been. Time had not left signs on her face. Then I immediately thought of more reasons not to do take her suggestion; It was a lot of money to spend on myself, money that I could spend on the house, or paying bills… and my eldest would be attending university soon. What would my husband say? Would he think I was vain, or laugh at my fear of getting old? Instead, my husband told me that I will always be beautiful to him but, if this treatment would help me to feel better, then I should go for it. "You’re worth it!”

This is how I started my journey into medical aesthetics, first as a patient and then as a physician, delivering injected solutions. I just loved it!

I find it gratifying when patients leave my clinic looking more refreshed and beautiful. Everyone feels better and more confident when they look their best. So go ahead, all you spouses, parents, sisters, brothers… are you ready to fight back against the visible signs of aging? I would love to help you achieve your goal and look as young as you feel!

I have shared my story to let you know this: You are worth it!

If you would like additional information about any of the injectable skin rejuvenation treatments offered at , Beauty Within Medical Esthetics please contact our clinic today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to helping you get the results you are looking for...safely and effectively.

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