Wedding Tips before you say

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Here’s a quick overview of a few tips and tricks you should follow to make sure your wedding day goes as planned, which includes looking your absolute best. Whether you are the bride, mother of the bride or bridesmaid we all want to look picture perfect for that special day.

6 Months Until Wedding

It’s also six months before your wedding that you need to get extra serious about skin care. Make sure you start and finish each day with a good cleansing and moisturizer, and it’s now that you need to schedule any monthly facials you want to have set up. Experts have been known to recommend getting facials at the six-, three- and one-month mark before your wedding. At Synergy Centre we offer products and therapies using Vivier Skin Care which is a pharmaceutical grade product line. Our consults are complimentary to review with our esthetitican what products.

3 Months Until Wedding

Now is time to schedule another skin resurfacing treatment or facial and rejuvenate that healthy glow!

Do you have frown lines on your forehead or between your brows? If so, then Botox® can come to your rescue. Botox works by reducing the muscle activity that causes wrinkles to form. With Botox, you will see peak results in around two weeks. At Synergy Centre - Beauty Within, Dr. Maria Tetelbaum sees all injectable patients for a follow-up to ensure you have the best result !

2 - 3 Months until Wedding

If you have been thinking about taking advantage of a facial filler, such as Juvederm® , then 2-3 months before your wedding is the time to give them a try. At Synergy Centre Beauty Within we use the latest formula of the Juvederm® filler family - the Vycross series of facial fillers - Voluma, Volift and Volbella achieving natural looking results with minimal swelling. Sessions usually last about 30-60 minutes and only one should be needed every six to 12 months. These injectable wrinkle fillers can make you look much more youthful, and they can also be used as volumizers, lifting and plumping your cheeks, temples, and jawlines, or even filling out your lips making them more kissable!

Do keep in mind that the 2-3 month mark is the last time opportunity you’ll have to take advantage of facial fillers before your wedding. Because they can lead to bruising and swelling, you’ll want to make sure you receive filler treatments well before your wedding day.

Additonal Tips

Groomed to Be a Bride

From plucking eyebrows to bikini waxing, from teeth whitening to self-tanning, experts say your wedding day is the time to splurge -- but not the day before you say, "I do."

Many women don't realize that having their eyebrows done, for example, can cause swelling, sometimes a little bleeding, sometimes a little discomfort -- you don't want to have to deal with this the day before your wedding. Ideally, it is best having brows shaped one week before the big day.

Body waxing should be done at least three days prior to your wedding - and earlier if you've never had it done before, or if your skin is very sensitive. Our esthetitians recommend facial waxing done a week to 10 days before the wedding to avoid redness, irritation or breakouts.

Whitening Teeth & Tanning

When it comes to that picture-perfect wedding day smile, teeth bleaching can be a plus. Always see your dentist before choosing an over-the-counter product since some may irritate gums and lips, and cause swelling. At Synergy Centre - Dr. Octavian Tetelbaum offers cosmetic dental treatment along with teeth whitening services for that special day.

You should also avoid drinking coffee, dark sodas, and red wine in the weeks leading up to your wedding to reduce teeth stains.

And while nothing makes a smile whiter or brighter than a tan, before you grab for that self-tanner -- or worse still head to the beach or tanning salon -- remember it is always best to underdo not overdo.

Synergy Center offers a variety of Dental, Healthcare, Wellness and Esthetic services.

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Relax, savor the moment and enjoy your wedding day!!! Now all that’s left is saying “I Do!”

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