The Latest Trends in Facial Revitalization

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Facial injectables have long been popular anti-aging treatments for the face. Botox and dermal fillers [ such as Juvederm Voluma, Volift & Volbella ] work so well and push off facelifts and other facial surgical procedures for so many, it’s no wonder they are now a go-to tool in aesthetic enhancements. Younger and younger women are getting injected in todays’ modern world as a preventive approach to aging.


Squint in the mirror and you will see the skin at the corners of your eyes crinkle. Scowl in the mirror and you may notice the furrows that show up between your eyebrows. Women in their 20’s and 30’s are often just beginning to notice the many different wrinkles that form when they smile, frown, squint or scowl. Usually, in youth, those wrinkles disappear when the facial muscle action stops.

Over time, the continued action of our facial muscles begins to crease our skin into visible wrinkles, even when the muscles are at rest. For example its similar to folding a page of a book over and over again, and as a result it will cause a wrinkle in the page.

Botox works by relaxing the muscles that are causing the skin to wrinkle with muscle movement. By preventing strong muscle motion, the resulting wrinkles are diminished. Botox’s use over it’s history has mostly been countering already established wrinkles – but what if it were to be used as preventative maintenance?

The trend, cosmetically, is people are starting to use Botox in their twenties and thirties. Even if they’re just starting to get a wrinkle – so that they don’t. It is more of a preventative approach to taking control of aging. There is an inner strength that comes with knowing you look your any age.


Wrinkles aren’t the only sign of an aging face as we age, we also lose volume in the face. Our cheeks become deflated and gravity pulls the deflated skin downward, making visible creases called nasolabial folds appear. The nasolabial folds run from the bottom corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth on each side of the face, also known as the parenthesis.

Since nasolabial folds are primarily due to volume loss and are not usually formed as a result of muscle movement, Botox does not help to help soften those lines.

Cheek fillers are a great option to provide volume and lift where aging faces need them most. In some cases, treating the cheeks may significantly improve wrinkle areas like the nasolabial folds. Until recently, the only facial fillers available were too soft to be used deep in the cheeks. The only reliable way to lift cheeks in the past was through facelift surgery. Now it is possible with injectable fillers as it can takes tension off the nasolabial fold, and it also helps smooth the surface into the lower lids.

The combined non-surgical products can offer patients a decade or more of slowed aging before they ever need to consider surgery, and may prevent those days in younger patients for decades and decades to come.

Injectable skin treatments are one of the most effective, non-surgical skin rejuvenation options available, and have helped millions of patients delay the onset of future visible signs of aging without the need for surgery or any post-treatment downtime. Whether you seek to improve the appearance of a single problem area, or feel that your entire face could benefit from a fresh, revitalized look, Beauty Within Medical Esthetics offers a broad variety of injectable skin treatments to choose from, each of which serves a distinctive purpose and can be administered as a solo treatment, or integrated as one component of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation plan.

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