The Best Lip Enhancement Treatment for Every Age

There is an art to lip enhancement. Who you select to do your injections can mean the difference between getting a fuller, natural-looking pout or the dreaded over-filled “duck look.” The key to a natural, beautiful lip enhancement is in the injector’s skillful approach.

We see patients at every age and they have different goals and motivations. For patients in their 20s, it can be the desire for fuller lips and better facial balance. For an older patient, an enhancement can address volume loss, a blurry lip line and unwanted fine wrinkles around the mouth. We have patients, in each decade and here is how we approach lip enhancement at every age.

For Patients in Their 20s:

Patients in their 20s most often have issues of genetic lip imperfections like asymmetry, thin lips, a gummy smile or their expression might appear sad or angry. It’s really about enhancement at this age as they tend to love the look of fuller lips. Our job is to make sure they look proportionate to the face. My nurse injector and I carefully assess the face considering anatomical units and subunits, proportion and symmetry. Sometimes the most important decision we make is what NOT to do. We always seek a natural look that will fit harmoniously with the patient’s features.

In Their 30s:

Lips are at their fullest at the ages of 16 to 18. In the 30s, a fairly noticeable thinning begins to happen. At this age the biggest issue is the loss of collagen and elastin, which results in thinning and drying of the lips. Lip lines, which are caused by a combination of sun exposure and the natural aging process, can also appear. Increased muscle activity from daily facial expressions also contributes to upper lip wrinkles. We look to fill the lighter wrinkles so that they don’t become ingrained into the skin and inject a small bit of filler into the lip to retain its fullness. Botox is small amounts precisely placed can relax superficial muscle fibres and give a natural plumpness. Dermal fillers will help contour the lips and also restore the volume lost!

In Their 40s:

Patients in their 40s may experience even more drying and thinning of the lips. In the 40s, the area around the lips, such as nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and oral commissure (corners of the mouth) also change. They may become deeper and more pronounced, so that area needs to be treated as well to support the lips. The overall expression of the patient appears to change. So for patients in their 40s, it’s all about restoration. We use fillers to not only maintain lip fullness, but also to diminish wrinkles that have already begun to set in and to support the corners of the lips.

In Their 50s, 60s and beyond:

For patients in their 50s, the approach is to look at the overall facial structure. Oftentimes, a loss of collagen, fat and bone in the mid-face will greatly affect the shape of the mouth. For these patients, the distance of white between the nose and the vermilion border at the top of the upper lip gets longer, so a lot of times I need to recreate the Cupid's bow and the philtral columns (the vertical grooves above the upper lip) to restore the youthful anatomy of the lip.

The corners of the mouth will be repositioned as they tend to go down. All the subunits of the lip need first support and volume achieved by certain fillers to restore: contour, volume, projection, proportion and symmetry of the lips. For any age, we always aim for natural beautiful results. We also ask our patient’s to bring photos of themselves when they were younger for us to refer to the shape of their lips respecting the natural looking outcome.

Overall as the concept of aesthetics expands, it is no longer about just treating lines and wrinkles. Today our approach is much more consistent with helping patients achieve their goals whether it be for positive aging, beatification or transformation.

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