Lift and Contour - Be Holiday Season Ready!

The Lift & Contour Combination

September is here...and although we do not want to admit - the holidays are coming, and we love to look our best as we reunite with family and friends for festivities. Our ‘Lift & Contour combination of Juvederm Voluma and Belkyra is a solution for many.

Let’s discuss how these treatments offered by Dr. Maria Tetelbaum will help you feel ready not only for the holidays but beyond.

Juvederm VOLUMA

Remember the days of our childhood and teen years, when we had nice plump cheeks? As we age, we lose the collagen in our face that is responsible for our youthful appearance. Voluma is an injectable filler created by Allergan to give us back that volume in our cheeks.

JUVÉDERM® is the #1 doctor-recommended facial filler in Canada and worldwide. Juvederm VOLUMA is designed specifically to treat volume loss in the mid-face, and it lasts up to two years. Voluma is made of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by the body to support skin structure. This filler is specifically designed to plump, lift, and volumize.

JUVÉDERM® products contain lidocaine, a pain reliever that allows you to be more comfortable during and after treatment. Results are visible immediately and most patients return to their normal routine on the same day as their procedure, depending on the treatment received.

BELKYRA - Eliminate the Double Chin

As opposed to Voluma adding volume, Belkyra is used to eliminate and/or decrease‘double-chin.‘Belkyra is the first and only Health Canada approved injectable treatment that targets and eliminates fat cells under the chin to improve your profile. Whether it be from aging, genetics, or weight gain, Belkyra treats fat along the chin and jowls by permanently reducing the fat cells.

WHAT is Belkyra?

Belkyra is a nonsurgical treatment that consists of injections into the fat with deoxycholic acid. These destroyed fat cells will no longer be able to store fat, thus permanent results. It is common to experience some swelling, and possibly some numbness or bruising. These side effects are temporary and resolve on their own. Dr. Tetelbaum and her staff will give you detailed posttreatment instructions at your appointment.


In combination these treatments lift and contour. Voluma lifts and volumizes sagging cheeks. Belkyra sculpts and contours your chin and neckline by reducing the fat under the chin and along the jowls. These treatments are nonsurgical, non-invasive, and involve very minimal-to-no-downtime.

Visualize that holiday glow along with your new profile--- you’ll be ready for the new year and beyond!
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