GET RELIEF with Botox From Clenching and Grinding Teeth

botox clenching

It’s a known fact that stress in our daily lives can lead to jaw joint pain , tight jaw muscles, and a tendency to grind your teeth. Teeth grinding affects about one in four adults and over time can cause severe damage, ruining a beautiful smile and developing into lasting pain. The pressure on the teeth during grinding can be 20 times greater than the force used in normal chewing and biting.

Bruxism, a condition characterized by the involuntary grinding of the teeth, should not be taken lightly. Even the name sounds painful - bruxism, the unconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth that mostly takes place while we are asleep. It can rapidly cause serious oral health problems, and can cause serious temporomandibular joint disorder. Botox® treatments can alleviate pain and prevent damage, getting you the relief you need from bruxism, clenched jaws, and teeth grinding. Although Botox is not a cure it can certainly provide comfort and relaxation.

Botox® injections are safe, comfortable , and are easily administered in minutes by Dr. Maria Tetelbaum providing relief from frustrating bruxism, clenched jaw muscles, and grinding teeth.

Discover lasting relief

Botox® is widely considered an excellent treatment option for issues such as bruxism. By targeting the masseter muscle in the mouth, Botox® injections force the muscle to relax, diminishing the harmful effects of bruxism considerably. A course of treatment can drastically reduce pain, tension, and tension headaches caused by clenched jaw muscles and grinding teeth. Botox® used for treating bruxism typically lasts for three to four months.

If you think you might benefit from Botox® for clenching, contact Synergy Centre - BeautyWithin at 519-266-3641 to book a consultation with Dr. Maria Tetelbaum or email [email protected]

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