The Allergan MD Codes™ Approach

At Beauty Within, we use many different approaches and techniques to provide optimal results that appear natural and last. Among the latest and most innovative treatment approaches, we employ a technique known as MD Codes™.

MD Codes™ is an innovative concept, developed by the internationally renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio De Maio, that has transformed the way cosmetic injectables such as Juvederm® and Botox® Cosmetic are used in aesthetic medicine.

Non-surgical rejuvenation of the face has evolved from the simple removal of a single crease or wrinkle, to our ability to change the negative messages of facial expression conveyed by the natural ageing process or by poor genetics.

“An attractive young person is an accident of nature, an attractive older person is a work of art.”

Dr. Mauricio De Maio, Plastic Surgeon, Brazil
Allergan MD Codes

What is MD Codes?

MD Codes™ is a precise, methodical and strategic approach to analyzing and treating a patient’s face. Instead of focusing directly on the problem areas, we target the source/cause of the issues through a series of precise injection points on the face.

Taking into account your (the patient) treatment objectives, your areas of concern, your pattern of ageing and anatomy, we can use the MD Codes™ formulas to calculate the exact method and volume required to reach the desired result.

How do MD Codes Work?

  • Provides a series of strategic and formulated injection points, which helps us deliver natural looking and subtle results.
  • Highlights ‘alert areas’ such as facial arteries (where it could be dangerous to inject), thus ensuring the safest treatment.
  • Allows us to show our patients the strategy behind the treatment and discuss what will be achieved by injecting specific facial areas.
  • Advises on what devices and techniques should be used at each injection site to ensure the best results.

Benefits of Using MD Codes

  • Greater customization of Botox® and Juvederm® treatments.
  • More natural looking and effective results.
  • Allows for a safer, superior, and more consistent treatment.
  • Takes a more holistic approach to anti-aging for optimal and longer lasting outcomes.

Dr. Maria Tetelbaum and Amanda Cook RN have attended years (since 2015) of invite-only meetings and trainings with Dr. Mauricio De Maio (creator of MD Codes™), refining their skill in applying the MD Codes™ technique.

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